Carpet Cleaning Encapsulation

All carpet cleaning are made of detergents that are sticky by design to attract dirt.  Even when using a fiber rinse some detergent residue is left in the carpet even after following a hot water extraction. Any new soil or grease, especially from foot traffic, after the carpet has been cleaned will be attracted to the minimal sticky detergent left behind.  Once this occurs even vacuuming will only remove dirt, leaving behind the dirt and grease attached to the sticky detergent remaining in the carpet.

Encapsulating cleaning chemicals have crystalline polymers in addition to detergents.  After the carpets have been cleaned with detergents, the polymers actually encapsulate and crystallize the dirt and grease after it dries.  Once it dries any extra dirt or grease can be easily removed and giving you a much cleaner and fresher carpet.

Why Extraction

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