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Hospital Cleaning Services


The healthcare industry is obviously undergoing changes that will likely continue to develop over the next several years. We understand that healthcare EVS staffs are continually being taxed with overwhelming workloads. We also understand the importance of good HCAHPS scores and how those scores literally translate to either getting Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement or not. We can partner with your EVS teams to assist you in meeting deadlines and augmenting your restroom and floor maintenance regimens to keep your facility performing at the highest level.

We take the necessary hospital cleaning precautions:

  • > All Pioneer Service Solution staff wear gloves and follow all safety rules. Staff does allow trash bags to come into contact with their bodies, and they do not pack trash into bags with their hands.
  • > We comply with the Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standards.
  • > We comply with all medical cleaning standards and can help you pass State Board of Health inspections.
  • > All employees are offered Hepatitis B vaccinations prior to cleaning your facility.
  • > We comply with all OSHA rules.

Contact us and let's develop a plan to meet your needs.